Fruits For Home Remedy Skincare

We all want to achieve that clear and glowing skin but admittedly, most effective skincare products are so freaking expensive! So if you are looking for cost-effective and natural products, then you must try fruit masks. Something that you can just buy at the market or plant at your backyard.

Oh well, one night, I felt hungry and went down to get something to eat at the kitchen. When I opened the refrigerator, I found some fruits and then I felt the urge to try using it on my face since I have been reading a lot about fruit masks and its benefits. I promise you that it is so fun doing it and the moment you slap that mashed or blended fruit on your face, it feels so heavenly relaxing with that fresh smell. Just don’t forget to change to your old clothes as this might be a little messy.

How are fruit masks beneficial to our skin?

Do you know that there are enzymes found in some fruits that are known to exfoliate dead skin and make it fresh and glowing? This is also way safer because it is organic and free from harmful chemicals that can cause damage to our skin.

Okay, what are the easiest fruits to buy and try? Then remember G-L-A-M P-O-S-T which stands for Grapes, Lemon, Apple, Mango, Papaya, Orange, Strawberry and Tomato.

Here are the cost-effective fruits for home remedy skincare:


I super enjoy eating this fruit. It is like eating my favorite popcorn but a healthier version. This fruit is full of resveratrol which protects the skin from UV damage. Its seed extract is also helpful in healing the skin. I personally use 5-8 pieces of mashed grapes and then leave it for 10 minutes. I noticed that the grape seed extract helped in healing my scratch.


Do you love lemon in your water like I do? We all know that it is good for uneven pigmentation and dark spots which is why I am also adding it to my drinks. Somehow, the use of lemon on the skin maybe burning for others especially those with open wounds. It is best to just dab it to the desired area because believe me, you will regret applying it to your whole face because of its burning sensation.


We always hear the proverb, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Well for me, “An apple a week, keeps my youthfulness at bay.” Am I right? Probably because vitamins in the apple helps restore the collagen in our skin. What I do with my unconsumed apples is I grate them and apply to my clean skin for 10-15 minutes and then I say, goodbye aging!


Ripe or unripe is my first question when I am asked if I like one. For eating purposes, give me the unripe one and I can surely finish it in one sitting and definitely asking for more. While for my face, I love mashing it and applying that semi-slimy fruit on my skin and washing it after 10 minutes. This is one of my favorite because I noticed how my skin is so clean and so are my big pores.


We have so much of this in our backyard so this is a to-go fruit mask when others are unavailable. This has so many great benefits too which I love especially treating my sunburn after going the beach. After wiping off the mashed papaya which I left for 10 minutes, you can immediately noticed that fresh glow from your skin.


This is hitting two birds in one stone! Jackpot! Therefore remember that the next time you eat an orange, do not throw its peel because I tell you that it helped in reducing my blackheads and I was less oily now. So for those with oily skin, this one is for you!


I always feel happy when I hear this fruit or seeing it in our fruit basket. And now, I am more in-love with it when I read that it contains salicylic acid which a lot of acne prone skin is looking for as an ingredient. This also explains why my skin is more radiant and indeed, lesser acne breakouts.


When I was younger, I would always see the older ones eating fresh tomato that leaves me wondering. It is only now that I understand why and I can say that it really worked for them. Some would just cut and place on their face but I love to blend it to get the juice out.  For me, the more red the color is, the better to use as a fruit mask since it will bring a more natural flush to your skin after.

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So which one would you like to try first? Keep in mind that not all great things are expensive. Some might just be around the corner!