I found a draft of this on my list of unpublished articles when I was double checking a few on my WordPress CMS.

I don’t know why I hadn’t finished this article, I don’t even know I started one and left it sitting on my archives, but since I wrote both my experiences in Calaguas Island and Muladbucad Beach, I might as well include this one either.

My San Miguel Island escapade way back in 2015 was actually the best island hopping I ever experienced. No, we didn’t have any awesome itinerary going, I just spent it with my best friends in the world!

Type X Production is actually the name of our group in thesis production. Our academic requirement mandated nine persons per group, and ours had my four best friends in college, Alan, Jenno, Fiona (with her ex-boyfriend), and Ery, and three of my friends in the first squad I had during my freshmen year, Mecelle and Donna (Chelsea, the ninth person of the group, wasn’t around that time).

The outing was supposed to be a surprise birthday party for our friend, Alan. San Miguel Island is actually Ery’s hometown (yep, she’s one hell of an islander), and we decided to celebrate it by going island hopping.

November 3, 2015

I slept over the night before at Ery’s place along with Fiona and prepared foods for the picnic the next day. Everyone brought a fair-share of their food, and Alan brought his contribution as his birthday bash.

Everyone decided to meet at the Legazpi Grand Terminal going to Tabaco city. We hit the road around 7 AM and touched-down at around 8-9AM.

Afterwards, we just went to the seaport and waited for Ery’s uncle for the motorboat ride. Hell, it was so amazing, that was actually my first-ever boat ride!

We arrived in the island at about 10 AM, settled and fixed where we went picnic-ing, played charades, had a little fun-shoot, took pictures and videos, and went swimming.

My friends took advantage of my former BlackBerry Z10 phone because I was the only one who had a phone with good camera back then.

All in all, even though we didn’t have any other itinerary going, it was amazing laughing and having a good time with my friends. We really made sure to ‘seize the time’ before graduation, (this is one of the basis in the lyric of my friendship-themed song, ‘Feel The Vibe’ for our Christmas MTV and songwriting project, which you can watch here) and made memories before we parted. I even learned the craziest way to cease a sea urchin’s sting was to either put lemon in it… or pee! LOL.

I would always look back at that day.