Throwback 2018: Unexpected Baguio City

Going to Baguio City after like… 10 years?; was one of the most unforgettable and fun things I did with my roommates unexpectedly.

I was just lying on my bed, wanting one hell of a sleep, when my former roommate asked me to tag along to Baguio City. I’m not sure why that was, but I honestly didn’t feel like going. It was also one of my best friends’ baby shower at night, and I was also tasked to drop by at work before starting on January 2nd. So yes, all I wanted to do that morning was to sleep!

I was then talked out of my senses when two of my roommates convinced me to go. Eventually, I said “yes,” with us, having different agenda in the afternoon (I went to my soon-to-be new job, and my best friend’s baby shower and gender reveal, while the two of them went thrift shopping at Baclaran).

My best friend, Ery’s, baby shower and gender reveal along with our college friends

I thought we were leaving for Baguio the next day, I didn’t know it was going to be that night! So when we arrived at midnight in QC, we immediately packed all our stuff and went to Baguio. The roommate who asked me to tag along rented a van that time.

Here’s our Baguio Escapade on December 2018

I’m not sure how you can go to Baguio City via bus as we rode a Montero that time, but here’s a bit of an information on how to get there via bus station in Cubao:

I can’t give full directions on how to get here since we were using a rented car to go straight ahead. But here’s what I was able to get a hold of:

Okay – so I’m not sure what happened AGAIN, but we all impulsively thought of going to Nueva Ecija as part of our roommate’s “job.” I’m not sure what she does honestly, all I knew was that we went there as well to have fun.

We stayed arrived at around 9PM and went straight to Villa Liza Resort and Restaurant to stay in for the night. Aside from having dinner, we went straight to sleep.