Throwback 2018: Unforgettable Minalungao

We extended ANOTHER night after Monday, as we went straight to Minalungao National park for some sightseeing and exploration. The view was super amazing, I bet this is the REAL highlight of our trip!

Here are some of my photos in Minalungao National Park.

To get here,

We eventually went home on Tuesday evening after all the extended travels, and you know what? I went absent for so many days at work (I was on a pre-resign state that time), that I literally didn’t go to work anymore. Hahaha! I know, I know. It was my bad as this wasn’t a good work ethic – and I swear I won’t do that again – but I won’t trade this soul-searching experience for a 9:30 PM – 6:30 AM job that only caused me severe depression.

This experience helped me breathe and find myself again, as travelling opens up your soul to a brand new things to see. It’s really food for the soul; so when one tells you this, you’ve got to believe them as it did me.

I wouldn’t trade the opportunity of healing my soul over some judgment that, “I don’t have a ‘proper’ work ethic” because THIS EXPERIENCE was what healed me from a job that only made my depression worse.

Every risk was worth it.

Want to go this place too?

Before heading home,